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Learn how not to sell your home
Most realtors rely on a "list and pray" method, and they're really hoping you don't notice. But the truth is, they're leaving any potential offers entirely up to chance. Apart from a sign out front and a few open houses…a lot of them aren't actually working that hard for their commission. You deserve better. 
Strategic staging
If you think beige walls and taupe carpet is the universal way to attract more buyers, you might need to reconsider. Different demographics find different styles and color schemes appealing. So a truly strategic staging team will make recommendations based upon who's most likely to be interested in your home. If you can't access a top-notch staging team, SOLD! offers smart staging tips that you can use to dramatically improve your selling price.
The hidden cost of poor pricing
One of the easiest ways a bad realtor can stay in business is by quoting you an unrealistically high price for your home. After all, who doesn't want to sell their home for more? It's exciting, and before you know it, you've signed on the dotted line. Then you're left to deal with the stress as your home sits on the market for month after month, and finally sells for an even lower price than it should have. Don't let this happen to you. Do your homework, and read this book!
“We attended the SellerWorkshop.com series that The Kris Lindahl Team hosted. We left the workshop prepared and excited―eager to schedule a time to meet with them. Kris and his team have developed a fantastic process, and it was well presented at the workshop. Then it got even better when we had the presentation in our home! We moved forward with their team, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We had several offers over our listing price―but the best was one $25,000 over asking! If you are looking to sell your home you must have The Kris Lindahl Team with their dynamic process in your corner. Kris and his team are awesome to work with. You won’t regret your decision.”
Daryl & Gretchen Nissen, Kris Lindahl Team past client
 “The Kris Lindahl Team has a selling process that completely blew us away! We sold our house in multiple offers with the highest one being $29,000 over asking price! They far exceeded our expectations, and we had way more money to use for a down payment on our next home. Using this selling system is for sure going to sell your home for way more money.”
Joe Cable & Emily Schroeder, Kris Lindahl Team past client
"This is a great book if you are thinking about selling your house. We went with a more traditional real estate approach with an agent that has been in the business for like 30 years, the house never sold, and we were left completely frustrated. A friend recommended we should read SOLD! and I am so glad we did. The process Kris describes in this book works perfectly and will make you more money when selling your home. We can't thank Kris Lindahl enough for sharing his process and for selling our house!"
Verified Customer (AMAZON)
"Great book. Easy read with some great advice! Definitely recommend it if you are looking to sell your home."
Sarah Coons
"Thinking of buying or selling, this books for you! Great information for the future prospects, too!"
Chelsea Kappes

"Surprisingly exciting and very smart!! Quick read, really loved it!!"
 Kyle Meyer
"Great book, just started reading it. Really looking to add value to our house between now and when we move up. Appreciate Kris and his team, they put on great events and are putting out great products!"
Jamie V
"I am completely clueless when it comes to the idea of selling my home. This book gave me some great tips and insight into what I need to do to get the most out of my home."
Kelly Youker
Kris Lindahl is a nationally recognized innovator in real estate, marketing, leadership and community involvement. From the very beginning, his outside-the-box thinking and commitment to providing world-class customer service launched him as a visionary in his field. Now he and his team of real estate rock stars take pride in educating all of their sellers on how to maximize profits and minimize stress during the biggest financial transactions of their lives. 

In 2014, he was Minnesota's #1 real estate agent as ranked by Real Trends. In 2017, the Kris Lindahl Team rose to become one of America's top real estate teams. And in May 2018, he fully embraced his own real estate model to form Kris Lindahl Real Estate, Minnesota's premier independent real estate agency.

In 2019-2020 we became the #1 Team Owned Brokerage in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado.
Homeowners often hire an agent simply because he or she is a friend or neighbor...
"Homeowners often hire an agent simply because he or she is a friend or neighbor or has been recommended by a single source, but how many of these traditional real estate agents can maximize the return on what’s probably your biggest asset, your home? Most sellers can’t answer that question because they don’t research the agents they hire. Many don’t think such research is necessary and others, who would like to dig deeper, don’t know where to begin. This scenario needs to change—and quickly!"

-Kris Lindahl


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